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Jugdeep Aggarwal

Jugdeep has been flying for over 20 years and has been running the Northern California Cross Country Leagues for over 15. He is an USHPA Regional Director and also manages Flymaster USA.


Presentaion. Modern flight instruments have a plethora of features most of which very few pilots use. This presentation will walk through important data fields that will help you in cross country and competition flying.

Gabriel Jebb

Gabriel manages Torrey Pines Glider Port in San Diego. He  has been flying for over 20 years, has been a paragliding test pilot for several companies, an instructor and has taught many SIV clinics over the years.


Presentation: Strategies for successful SIV clinics. Gabe will talk on how to get the most out of your SIV clinic.

Russ Ogden

Russ is one the test pilots for Ozone gliders. He has been on the competition circuit for over a decade and knows more about paragliding design than you can shake a stick at.


Presentation: Russ will focus on paragliding design strategies.

Bob Posey

Bob has been flying things for over 25 years and flying paragliders since 2006.  As a commercial airline pilot, I spend most of my time in a highly controlled and regulated environment, and that makes me even more appreciative of the opposite end of the aviation spectrum: free flight.


Presentation: How to stay legal while flying. This presentation will review Ultralight Regulations (FAR 103) and how airspace might impact flying at our local sites such as Mussel Rock, Diablo, Mission peak, Ed Levin, Potato Hill, Tahoe sites, Dunlap, Tollhouse.


Evan Cohen

Evan is an avid paraglider pilot and kitesurfer, and has been flying and kiting primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Canada for 10 years.  Evan has flown numerous significant cross-country flights at several of the local Bay Area sites, and has developed an aptitude for forecasting the local weather conditions, and choosing an appropriate flying site accordingly.


Presentation: Choosing where to fly in the Bay Area.  Evan will discuss some of the common weather patterns in the Bay Area, and will offer insights into how to choose the best local flying site on a particular day.

Wayne Michelsen

Like many of us, I'm basically a weekday-worker and weekend-winger.  I got into hang-gliding in summer of 1999 and subsequently spent a good chunk of my free time chasing clouds.  When I can (which isn't often enough), my preference leans toward the Sierras or other mountain sites.


Presentation: For the past 15 years, a small few of us have been flying the San Benito range that roughly extends from Hollister to Paso Robles.  It's a rugged area with old cinnabar mercury mines, exposed serpentine hills, and wild California Condors.  The potential has been clear, but good flights have been difficult and elusive.  Slowly, however, we've teased out the secrets to this area, and are starting to reap the rewards.



Mike Meier

MIke is an owner and one of three managing executive partners at Wills Wing in Orange California.


Presentation: Lessons Learned and Murphy's Corollary; safety and decision making, aerobatics and op. limits, and hang glider design.

Mike Vergalla

Mike has been flying paragliders for nearly a decade. He has recently been involved in research in motion sickness and hypoxia through his company Free Flight Labs.


Presentation: Motion sickness and hypoxia affects a significant number of pilots. This presentation will explore some of the symptoms and how to reduce them.


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